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EMI Avaibable if Total amount more then 10,000 taka.
  1. Structure made of Mahogany wood.
  2. Woods are chemically treated in high pressure vacuum chamber and termite proof.
  3. Woods are well seasoned by modern steam seasoning plant.
  4. Premium quality stainless steel ball bearing slides.
  5. In house design wheel offers stability in slides and increases load bearing capacity.
  6. Superior quality fabrics & latex foam used for upholstery.
  7. State of the art lacquer finish.


Design: In now a day living space is limited and having the opportunity to have dual option in a single furniture is very demandable here. This sofa cum bed is designed considering the demand of wooden flavor in our household furniture. This wooden sofa cum bed is made of solid mahogany wood using industrial state of the art machinery. It has distinctive sliding mechanism and sliding roller wheel gives structural rigidity while using as a bed. Extra pillows for back support and premium quality fabric in wooden sofa cum bed will provide utmost comfort.

Cushion: The cushion has a longer life and the fabric color can be changed as per stock available.

Seasoning & chemical treatment: Woods are well seasoned and chemically treated for durability and termite proof usage.

Color: High quality lacquer finishing ensuring smooth coloring and durability.

Assembly: Assembly required by an authorized technician

Additional information

Dimensions 1876 × 1190 × 610 mm
  1. Make sure uniformity of using of this product. It is strictly prohibited to transfer this product without disassembling or providing extra bit at bottom which prevent acting load on channel. Otherwise, channel may be twisted or distorted. While opening of sliding special care should be taken and make sure straight opening of the slider part.
  1. Keep away your upholstered furniture from direct sunlight as it is very detrimental to fabrics. It will deface your upholstery as well as gradually become etiolated specially for silks and some other delicate fabrics. User should plan room arrangement so that it is protected from sunlight. Any chemical contact with the furniture should also be avoided as it may affect natural finish and durability of the product.
  1. Avoid direct contact of upholstery with floor/wall which will limit the breathing effect of object and subject to fade away.
  1. Preventive maintenance is the best option when it comes to durability and usability of the product. In upholstery sofa if there is any loose cushions, turn this over periodically to protect wear & tear on the same side. This will ensure evenly distribution of acting load on latex rubber foam and increase durability of cushions by protecting indentation on same area.
  1. Cleaning is an important aspect for upholstery which in most of the house hold did improper cleaning & ultimately deteriorates fabrics. Clean your upholstery once in every week by soft brush at least. If you could do it by vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment would be a better option. The best option is to do it by a professional upholstered cleaner service as treatment varies as per category of fabrics.
  1. Any kind of spillage on upholstered furniture should be addressed immediately. You can wipe out by soft cotton cloth/soft foam. Do not use water directly on the affected surface. You can rub the surface with shampoo bubble & wait for dry naturally. This will restore natural surface of the upholstery. If you are failed to remove stain on the surface, call a professional upholstered cleaner service.
  1. For loose fitting sofa and cushion, it is recommended to use professional dry cleaning.
  1. It is strictly avoided to pull out fabrics by any means. If any kind of snag occurs by external source like hard materials, any kind of sharp edge or by child/domestic pets should be trimmed immediately.
  1. It is strictly prohibited to use bleaching materials for cleaning the surface of fabrics.
  1. Do not use any abrasive disk to remove dirt on surface.
  1. It is instructed to use upholstered furniture within recommended weight limit. It is strictly prohibited to seat on arm to prevent early failure of sofa unless otherwise specified.
  1. Never eat on the couch. Keep pets off the furniture as much as possible and give them a dedicated cushion to seat on.
  1. For any bad odors sprinkle the sofa with bicarbonate of soda and leave it overnight. Finally do vacuum cleaning.
  1. Use heat resistance mat while keeping hot materials on wooden surface.
  1. For any natural crack, spot on wood you can apply sanding using sand paper and clean the surface initially. Reapply lacquer on the wooden surface by spraying.


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